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Can you leave the pour spout on olive oil?

Our spouts make using olive oil a lot easier. For example, they control the flow of oil, letting you deliver the perfect drizzle every time. They also prevent accidental spills and that horrid dribble of olive oil that always seems to run down the side of the bottle. Finally, pour spouts keep insects away from […]

What Happens When You Mix Olive Oil and Lemon Juice?

If you’re looking for a natural combination to enhance your food and health, you may have thought about mixing olive oil and lemon juice together. This is a common combination throughout the Mediterranean region, but now, it is popular all over the world. Even though it may seem a bit odd at first, mixing together […]

Should I Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Is extra virgin olive oil extra special? So maybe you were gifted a beautiful olive oil spout, or perhaps you were idly browsing online when you fell in love with an absolutely divine olive oil pourer, and now you’re wondering how to put it to legitimate use. Do you fill it with oil? Do you […]

Is Olive Oil Good for You?

There aren’t many simple cooking ingredients known that are as versatile as olive oil. Olive oil can be added to any dish, whether as a cooking base, to thicken a sauce, or even as the star of the show. Olive oil has a distinct taste that pairs with almost everything and is frequently used in […]

Is Olive Oil Cake Better than Regular Cake?

When you think about baking a cake, you probably think about the basic ingredients. This includes butter, eggs, and flour. Recently, cake recipes have been getting a bit more creative, and you might be thinking about using olive oil instead. With so many people looking to expand their cooking repertoires, olive oil cake has become […]

How To Care for Olive Wood Bowls

The olive tree is very nearly the gift that doesn’t stop giving. We chomp down on her fruit on their own or in delightfully chilled martinis, or we pour its delectable oils onto salads through purpose-made olive oil spouts and fancy olive oil pourers. When the inevitable happens, as must befall all mortal creatures, even […]